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Best Shows to advertise on on Blaze TV:

Glenn Beck
Eric Bolling – Host of AmERICa Bolling
Stu Burguiere World of Stu
Rick Burgess and Bubba Busey – Host of the Rick and Bubba Show and Rick and Bubba University Podcast
Lauren Chen – Host of Pseudo-Intellectual with Lauren Chen
Steven Crowder – Host of Louder with Crowder
Steve Deace – Host of the Steve Deace Show
Kevin Freeman – Host of Economic War Room
Pat Gray – Pat Gray Unleashed
Sara Gonzales – The News And Why It Matters
Daniel Horowitz – Host of The Conservative Review Podcast
Mark Levin – Host of LevinTV
Jon Miller – Host of The White House Brief
Chad Prather – Host of The Chad Prather Show
Dave Rubin – Host of The Rubin Report
Andrew Wilkow – Host of Wilkow!
Allie Beth Stuckey – Host of Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey
Deneen Borelli
Matt Kibbe – Host of Kibbe on Liberty
Phil Robertson – Host of In the Woods with Phil and Unashamed with Phil Robertson