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Outnumbered (sometimes stylized as Out#) is an American daytime news and talk show that airs weekdays on Fox News at 12 p.m. ET. Hosts Harris Faulkner, Emily Compagno, Kayleigh McEnany and a rotating female panelist with one male guest panelist, discuss the news and issues of the day.

Outnumbered - Kayleigh McEnany   Outnumbered - Harris Faulkner   Outnumbered - Emily Compagno

NORMALLY outnumbered by men, this show flips the script with a slew of women panelists and #OneLuckyGuy discussing the daily news. The Fox News show is one of the most-watched cable news programs in its timeslot.

Harris Faulkner is a multiple Emmy award-winning anchor. Faulkner currently anchors two daily daytime programs – The Faulkner Focus (weekdays, 11AM-12PM/ET) and serves as the co-anchor of Outnumbered (weekdays, 12-1PM/ET). Faulkner joined FOX News Channel (FNC) in 2005.

Emily Compagno currently serves as a co-host of ‘Outnumbered’ on FOX News Channel. She joined the network as a contributor in December 2018. In addition to her role at FNC, Compagno is an attorney and has been practicing law since 2006. Previously, she served as a federal managing attorney and Acting Director at the Social Security Administration, one of the top-ten largest U.S. agencies. She also practiced criminal defense and civil litigation in California.

Kayleigh McEnany currently serves as co-host of Outnumbered (weekdays, 12 PM/ET) on FOX News Channel. McEnany also contributes across all of FOX News Media platforms as an on-air commentator. She joined the network in March 2021. Prior to joining FOX News Channel, McEnany served as White House Press Secretary under former President Donald Trump. She served as White House Press Secretary from April 2020 through the end of former President Trump’s term. Previously, McEnany held the title of national spokesperson for the Republican National Committee before joining the Trump campaign as national press secretary.

Outnumbered is currently the 11th most popular show on Fox News watched by a total number of 1,637,000 people as of the daily audience measurement on December 8, 2022.

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